Talk With Your Friends and Family

You know best what matters in your community, and what matters to your friends, family and neighbours. Whether its the HST, the BC Liberals selling off BC Rail, lowering and freezing minimum wage, or dramatically increasing user fees on hard working British Columbians, you know why we need a change in Victoria.

You know that we need an honest, hard working, pragmatic government that represents all British Columbians. 

That's why no one is better positioned than you to talk to people in your community about the change we need, and about why you support what John Horgan believes in.

In the next week, the most important thing anyone can do is to join the BC NDP. They must join by January 17 to have a say in who will be the next leader of the BC NDP.

In the weeks that follow, this campaign will be about ideas, values and about who can win the next election. This week, let's focus on building our party.

- John Horgan Campaign Team