New Volunteer

Thank you for volunteering to help John win! We are looking for folks to host events with John, to contact members and build our canvas, to invite folks to meetings and to coordinate local campaigns. Please complete the form below and tell us how you would like to help.

We use your postal code to find events, activities and other volunteers in your area.

Sometime coordinating volunteers requires a quick phone call to keep in touch. If you can share your home or cell phone, please do.

We prefer to use e-mail as our primary communication. Please share yours with us!

We will need to contact members to inform them of upcoming events, to inquire about their voting intentions and to invite them to gatherings. If you're comfortable phoning, please let us know.

John will be travelling the province, meeting members, and also participating in gatherings via internet video link. If you are willing to host a gathering of 10-20 local members in your home, that would be super!

For video events, we will need a technically able volunteer with (a) a laptop capable of running Skype (b) the confidence to hook it up to a microphone and television (c) the ability to troubleshoot when it doesn't work. If that's you, let us know!

There's lots of things to do we haven't even thought of yet. If you can help John win, we need your help!