Million Dollar Man out of touch with BC families

VICTORIA—NDP leadership candidate and Juan de Fuca MLA John Horgan today criticized BC Ferries CEO David Hahn for suggesting that ferry fares could dramatically increase over the next four years.  Hahn has said that rates could increase by 20% on the major routes, 50% on smaller routes, and more than double in the north.  "This is ridiculous," said Horgan. "How can this Million Dollar Man think it's even reasonable to be talking about such hikes when the local advisory committees and the Ferry Commissioner agree that BC Ferries and the government have no long term vision and no plan for our coastal communities.”

"The ferry system is an extension of our highways, not a cruise ship company, and people on the islands and the coastal communities of British Columbia rely on affordable service in their daily lives," said Horgan. "The Liberal government's privatization model is destroying the lifeblood of ferry-dependent communities. Any increases will hurt our local economies, making life less affordable for everyone and jeopardizing local business.”

"The Million Dollar Man should start by taking a pay cut and reviewing the salaries and wages paid to top corporate officials at BC Ferries in order to allow individuals living in our coastal communities to travel on our marine highway affordably. At a million dollars a year, David Hahn is completely out of touch with ordinary folks and families.”


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