Meet John

John Horgan in his constituency.John is a lifelong political activist and New Democrat. He was born and raised on Vancouver Island by a single mother who taught him the values of respect, self-reliance, compassion and the duty to stand up for others. John was educated in the Victoria public school system and then received undergraduate and graduate degrees in political science and history from Trent University and Sydney University.

John joined the NDP in 1983 in the wake of Operation Solidarity and his growing political activism subsequently led him to Ottawa where he served as a legislative assistant to MP Jim Manly. John returned to Victoria and began working in the Harcourt government where he served in a variety of political and public service positions culminating in his service as Chief of Staff to interim premier Dan Miller. After leaving government, John set up a management consulting firm with five colleagues where he worked for five years before winning the NDP nomination in Malahat-Juan de Fuca in 2005.

John was elected in 2005 and 2009 and represents the sprawling constituency of Juan de Fuca which is, in many ways a microcosm of British Columbia with urban, suburban and rural neighbourhoods. Juan de Fuca includes million-dollar homes, destination resorts, high-density developments and big-box stores. It also includes small, remote rural communities, manufactured home parks and vast expanses of wilderness and forests lands. It has one of the fastest-growing urban areas in the province and some of the more remote First Nations villages

John lives in Langford with Ellie, his wife of 26 years. John and Ellie raised two sons, Nate and Evan who currently attend the University of Victoria.