John's Ideas

John Horgan speaks with constituents.

I have been active in politics throughout my life, most recently as the Member of the Legislative Assembly for Juan de Fuca. In my time in politics and community service, I have always made a point of talking with my neighbours, and my fellow British Columbians about what they want from their government. This is what I've learned.

  • British Columbians want a pragmatic, competent government that will always put the public interest first.
  • British Columbian’s don’t want flashy gimmicks, fake slogans or high-priced ad campaigns. They want government to focus on the issues that affect them, their neighbours and their communities.
  • British Columbians want a government that protects our natural resources and ensures that they are used to benefit the public interest and provide jobs for local people. They do not want our natural heritage auctioned off to a handful of well-connected private interests.
  • British Columbians want a government that makes sustainable, strategic investments in our young people to ensure that they have the skills needed to both survive in our modern open economy and help attract the kind of investment that will allow our economy to flourish.
  • British Columbians want a government that ensures that environmental protection is based on balanced scientific principles, not empty rhetoric. We need to examine the cumulative impact of industrial development in BC and ensure that all projects are examined for their economic, social and environmental impacts.
  • British Columbians want a government that can develop a credible, workable strategy for ensuring that as BC prospers our most vulnerable citizens are not left by the wayside.

In the coming months, I will be talking about my ideas for delivering the kind of government I believe British Columbians want and I invite you to join me in the discussion.

Thank you for your support,
John Horgan