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BC Ferry Fare Hike? A Report from A News Vancouver Island

ANewsVanIsland | February 04, 2011

VICTORIA - The cost of riding a BC Ferry is a contentious issue for many people living on Vancouver Island, and for people who use smaller routes up and down the coast. BC Ferries CEO David Hahn says riders could see a major increase in the coming years, unless the Government steps in.

Hahn says major routes could see an increase of up to 20% over the next four years. Minor routes could go up close to 50%, and the cost of riding a northern ferry could double. Hahn says the Government could avoid the fare hike by giving the company a $25 million dollar subsidy.

That's on top of the $150 million dollars in annual subsidies that BC Ferries already gets in taxpayer dollars.  Other options include a reduction in service. An independent commissioner will rule on a preliminary price cap March 31st. The Government will then have 90 days to review his decision, and a final ruling will be made by the end of September. That's when ferry riders will find out how much more, if any, they'll pay to ride.