I'm With John Horgan

We asked you to show your support for John, and show your support you did.

Some of you provided your name only, some your bio, and some an eloquent expression of why you are supporting John Horgan for leader of the BC NDP.

Below are some of the enthusiastic responses received from members of the NDP and British Columbians province-wide.

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Todd Manning

I am a long-time forestry and environmental consultant and small business owner, and have worked throughout all regions of British Columbia.

John has a sense of long-term vision for the province, and the practical, balanced and realistic solutions to get there. He knows how to connect with people from all walks of life, displays a strong sense of values and integrity, and is a welcome breath of fresh air on the BC political scene.

Tammy Regier, Instructor, Camosun College*

Horgan has a solid personality, unique perspective and strong values. He'll go far and BC will benefit by his leadership.

Jo Brown

I operate a small, home-based business in the Slocan Valley (West Kootenays) of BC.  I have been an NDP supporter and member for 25 years.

I first met John Horgan in the early 1990's during the days we were beginning to discuss the Columbia River Treaty and what would become the Columbia Basin Trust. I find John to be an intelligent, outside-the-box kind of thinker and his passion, courage and spirit are a breath of fresh air. He is a great communicator and has an engaging personality.  I am happy to support John.

Linda Irvine

I like his approach and believe he is the one to beat Christy Clark.

Adrian Wilson

John Horgan has the communication skills neccesary to take on Christy Clark. Voter turnout will definitely increase with John at the helm to both our party's and bc's advantage.

Martin Leigh

Of the 3 front runners John is most able to take the best of what the NDP is about and wrap it into a package that appeals to both avid party members and nonmembers. He is a pleasure to listen to and gets the messge across.

Gord Baird, Eco-Sense*

Builder and owner of Canada's acclaimed Eco-Sense home, and first of three buildings in the world to achieve certification under the Living Building Challenge.  A teacher, policy nerd, researcher and builder, and one of John's constituents.

We've met John several times at the home discussing everything from barriers to sustainable building/energy, to bringing by the odd Liberal for a tour.  I found John pragmatic, extremely well read and knowledgable across a wide spectrum, some one who elegantly speaks their mind without tip toeing around a subject. 

Leslie Goresky

I like John's presentation. He has substance in his talks. He appears approachable and with a good ability to listen.

Neal Nicholson, CA, Coquitlam City Councillor

I have been an NDP member & supporter since 1978 and a Chartered Accountant since 1968.  I've been a John Horgan fan from the first day I met him.

 I'm "coming out" for John Horgan because I just recalled how it felt losing my Coquitlam Council seat by 249 votes in 2008.  I, and all of us, have to stand up for our choice to ensure there are no missed votes.

James Powell, 2009 Green Party of BC Candidate in Juan de Fuca

I ran against John in the 2009 provincial election and developed a strong reverence for his insight, communication, and leadership characteristics. Besides speaking to both my Green and business sensibilities, John demonstrated a real interest in my profession of growing and promoting local agriculture.

I support John Horgan because he is the most electable candidate, he is the best natural leader, and because he is a man true to his character. Having run against John and debated him many times, I developed a healthy respect for him as a person and for his ability to articulate progressive, positive ideas in a way that made them accessible and appealing. I left the Green Party and joined the NDP to support John's leadership bid because John is a man of integrity, compassion, and grit. He has the rare ability to understand problems from different perspectives, approach them from a position of strength, and solve them to promote the public good.

John is a natural leader. His poise in contentious situations and clear communication serve to inspire his audience. He is the best choice to lead the BCNDP into the next election because I believe the people of this province will be drawn to his magnetic character, see that he has proven competence  but is not trapped by the traditions of disrespect, deception, and apparent deafness that are the hallmarks of many past governments.

John Horgan is the most likely and best suited person to win the next provincial election and lead this province into a future of sustainable prosperity for all. That is why I support him and I believe that the people of this province will also support him when given the chance.