Horgan Calls on Liberals to Make a Commitment to Transportation in CRD

VICTORIA—Juan de Fuca MLA and BC NDP leadership candidate John Horgan appealed to the BC Liberals to enter into negotiations with the City of Victoria and other Capital Regional District (CRD) municipalities to protect the E&N corridor.  On Friday, February 4 the Victoria City Council will decide on whether or not to include a rail crossing with the new Johnson Street Bridge.

“It is time for the BC Liberals to get in the game and save our Island rail options. If this government wants to be taken seriously on transportation alternatives in our region they have to put up some funding," said Horgan. "The region needs some indication that the Province understands our growing transportation challenges.”

Horgan has long called for provincial participation in regional transportation planning. The Island Corridor Foundation, local councils, MLAs and two of the three MPs in the CRD have encouraged the BC Liberals to work across partisan lines to revitalize rail transportation on the Island. A recent Ministry of Transportation funded study downplayed the significant region wide benefits of a refurbished corridor.

“The Victoria City Council is at decision time. It is completely unreasonable for City taxpayers to carry the full load of revitalizing a green transportation alternative for weary commuters,” said Horgan. “The corridor is deteriorating, the time is at hand to make a commitment to this region. Without senior levels of government at the table the opportunity may be lost.”


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