Connect Online

There are lots of ways for you to get the message out about John's campaign and help him win, including sharing this page using the sharing icons at the bottom. On this page are just a few examples. Be sure to complete the signup form and we'll give you new ideas regularly. Also, be sure to share your ideas with us. We'd love to hear from you.

In this campaign, every member has a vote, and every vote matters. Thank you for doing all you can to help.

Join the NDP Online

You need to join the NDP to be eligible to vote for John, and so do your friends, family and neighbours.The deadline is January 17th, 2011. Once you have joined (if you aren't a member already) the most important thing you can do right now is ask your friends to support John and join up. It costs only ten bucks and take just a couple minutes to fill out the form online. You need to have a credit card with your name on it.

Share this URL with your friends:

Sign Your Friends Up!

Its as easy as 1, 2, 3 (4). 

  1. Download and print 10 copies of the membership form. Click to download.
  2. Convince 10 of your friends, family and neighbours to sign up.
  3. Fill out the form with them, and get a minimum $10 cheque written in their name (or have them fill out the credit card info)
  4. Collect the forms and cheques and mail them to the BC NDP, postmarked no later than January 16. 

You can send it to your friends as an attachment, or print it and give it to them by hand.

Use social media to promote John

Help John Win without leaving your desk! Help spread the message about John and his ideas as quickly as possible. Making use of your existing social media presence is an easy way to start. Here are some tips!


On FaceBook you can "like" John's leadership campaign page. You can also suggest to your friends that they like it to. This is a great way to reach a lot of people with very little effort. People don't mind getting these suggestions either.

You can also set your status to help John every once and a while. You could say something like "(your name) is supporting John Horgan for NDP leader and wants you to join the NDP right now so you can vote for John".

Another thing you can do on FaceBook is to change your profile pic. Check back here so you can download a picture that will help John get elected.

Some of you might like to start a group on FaceBook to support John. An example might be "Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca for John Horgan", or something similar.


Twitter is a great way to share links and ideas. Follow John on Twitter and help him by retweeting his messages. You can also tweet most of the content on this website. Of course, the odd supportive tweet is greatly appreciated. If you want to have a broader reach, follow more people you know who might be interested or who you know are party members and can vote in the leadership content. They will most likely follow you back and see your messages as a result.


John will be posting campaign photos on his flickr stream. Visit his stream and make him a contact if you are on flickr. flickr allows you to share photos in a number of ways. Just click the share link at the top of any photo and you can send it via e-mail, post it to a blog or Facebook and more. You can also favourite and comment on john's photos on flickr to help increase their popularity.


John will be posting videos on his YouTube channel. YouTube allows you to share videos really easily. You can embed them in FaceBook or share them using Twitter. You can also easily embed them in your blog if you happen to be a blogger.


John has a Friendfeed account. Friendfeed brings all of John's social media streams together into one feed. If you use friendfeed you can follow John's progress there as well.


If you have a blog, please consider linking to john's website and/or social media sites. Links help! If you would be so kind as to write one or more blog posts about John's campaign, his events or ideas, he would be most appreciative. If you do blog about john, please send us the link so we can tell john's supporters as well.

Attend and share events

We're keeping you up-to-date on John's events on this website. The events all have an iCal link that let's you import them into your own calendar and share them with others. We will also be posting events on FaceBook so you can indicate whether you're attending and share the event with your friends there. Having good turn-out at events really helps. Tell your friends.


John's campaign can use your help! We need volunteers in all areas of British Columbia. if you have some spare time and would like to help john in your area or travel to help him elsewhere, please fill out our volunteer form and we'll get in touch with you as soon as we can. 

Thank You!

John thanks you for everything you are doing to help him become leader! He looks forward to serving you for many years to come.