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Vancouver Sun Education Survey

Q: FUNDING. How do you respond to those who say B.C.'s public education system is under-funded? Would you increase education spending or make any significant changes to the funding formula? If you think more funding is warranted, how should it be spent? Read more


VICTORIA — NDP leadership candidate and Juan de Fuca MLA John Horgan announced his plans for a high quality and balanced education system in British Columbia. “Public education has been treated as a political football for too long,” said Horgan. “We need to let teachers teach, students learn and parents have confidence that their children are receiving the best education we can provide.”

Horgan said that under his leadership an NDP government would: Read more

Horgan Calls for Affordable Post Secondary Education

Horgan to freeze tuition fees and establish grants program

VICTORIA—Juan de Fuca MLA and NDP leadership candidate John Horgan called on the province to take immediate steps to increase access and affordability in post secondary education. Horgan made the announcement at a Victoria rally in support of post secondary students. Read more

Statement from John Horgan: Anti-Bullying Day

I’m John Horgan, candidate for leader of the BC NDP, and father of two terrific young men. Today is a an important day in our province, a day to put a stop to bullying. It is a day to say to all those who have been bullied that they are not alone.

Bullying has no place in our schools, our communities, or in our homes. Growing up is hard. It should never be made more difficult by the threat or action of physical or emotional harm from peers. Read more

LGBTQ student survey response

Thank you for requesting my input into the survey of candidates you are doing.  I’m choosing to respond by letter because the issues you raise are important and not easily responded to in a yes/no format. Read more

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