Survey Responses

BC Poverty Reduction Coalition Response

Q: What is your position in regards to the open letter? Do you support the legislated targets and timelines outlined in the letter?  If so, would you create a cross government Secretariat with a lead minister? Specifically what actions would you take in the 7 policy areas in the letter?

We recommend the following targets and timelines:
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Vancouver Sun Education Survey

Q: FUNDING. How do you respond to those who say B.C.'s public education system is under-funded? Would you increase education spending or make any significant changes to the funding formula? If you think more funding is warranted, how should it be spent? Read more

Business in Vancouver Survey Part 1

•How would you keep health care spending under control while improving the quality of care that patients receive?

•Would you balance the provincial budget by 2013 if you were premier? If so, what tax changes would you make to achieve that?

•Would the B.C. government spend less if you were premier? If so, in what areas?

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Campbell River Labour Council Survey

Q: What do you see as the relationship between the NDP and the trade union movement?

A: The trade union movement is a founding member of our party. We should honor and celebrate our joint history and recommit to building our party to meet the new challenges our Province is facing.
What regular liaison with the BCFL Executive would you establish (or continue) if you are

BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association Survey

Questions for NDP leadership candidates
on Freedom of Information And Privacy Issues

The BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association
would appreciate receiving your views on the following questions.
Please do not be restricted by the format; feel free to elaborate on any po
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Western Canada Wilderness Committee Survey

Q. If elected, would you implement a BC Endangered Species Law?

A. Yes, I will introduce an Endangered Species Act.  British Columbia is one of the few Canadian jurisdictions without endangered species legislation. The legislation will help us meet our national and international obligations and help guide natural resource management in the province.

Q. Would you provide a plan to meet GHG emission reduction targets? Read more

Vancouver Sun: The Environment

The following 10 environmental policy questions were sent to all Liberal and NDP leadership candidates in BC. Read more

Metro Vancouver Survey

Q: Metro Vancouver and TransLink need to invest literally billions of dollars over the next 10 to 20 years on infrastructure – waste management and transportation respectively – in order for the region to remain liveable, prosper economically and meet environmental responsibilities. Some of these investments are driven, in part, by senior government policies and regulations. Without direct financial assistance, the funding for these investments must come from property taxes and similar levies on local property owners.

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