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Palmer: Horgan Dominates CKNW Debate

On CKNW's "Cutting Edge of the Ledge" with Bill Good this morning, Vancouver Sun columnist Vaughn Palmer had this to say:

“My first reaction Bill is that I thought John Horgan was the dominant presence. He knows his stuff and he puts it very strongly and very well. I think a lot of New Democrats have had this reaction to Horgan during the race….you know, where did this guy come from, why did he start late, why is he in third place, but I thought he emerged as the strong presence in your debate this morning.”

Listen for yourself here (flash player required):


Dana Larsen Makes Horgan His Second Choice

VICTORIA—NDP leadership candidate and Juan de Fuca MLA John Horgan announced that NDP leadership candidate Dana Larsen is formally encouraging his supporters to make Horgan their second choice. Read more

Labour Leaders, Activists Building Momentum on Team Horgan

*Organizations are listed for identification purposes only. John’s supporters have made their endorsements as individuals and not on behalf of their respective organizations.

Tom Sigurdson, Former Alberta NDP MLA;  Executive Director - British Columbia and Yukon Territory Building and Construction Trades Council

Georgi Bates, Young Workers’ Committee – COPE 378, Vancouver and District Labour Council, BC Federation of Labour (BC Fed) Read more

Horgan's Heroes growing in numbers

Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun   

Friday, Horgan added endorsements from former NDP cabinet ministers Elizabeth Cull, Anne Edwards and Paul Ramsey, and former minister and premier, Dan Miller. Cull, Ramsey and Miller were among the most able members of the NDP government of the 1990s.

When John Horgan plunged into the race for the leadership of the New Democratic Party a dozen weeks ago, he went up against two rivals who, though officially undeclared, were already deep into their respective organizational drives.

Adrian Dix, the MLA for Vancouver-Kingsway, had before Christmas lined up several formidable organizers in the South Asian community and others with links to the labour movement. Read more

Vaughn Palmer on Miller/Ramsey/Cull Endorsement

On CKNW's "Cutting Edge of the Ledge" with Bill Good this morning, Vancouver Sun columnist Vaughn Palmer had this to say:

"Three fairly impressive endorsements this morning. Former premier Dan Miller, former Finance Minister Paul Ramsey, and former Finance Minister Elizabeth Cull. If I were going to put together a list of the better performers in the NDP when they were in power through the 90s those three would be very near the top of the list."

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Opening band rules the night

Bob Hall, Nelson Star   

Down to earth and pragmatic, Horgan would make a fine leader. If his style remains true then Horgan might have the ability to earn plenty of converts.

Nobody’s going to accuse me of being a provincial NDP supporter. In fact, most people will wrongly accuse me of being a Liberal backer. Truth is, I’m all over the map. Come election time I tend to move past ideology and choose the most worthy — the candidate I can most relate to and who is most approachable.

Basically, it’s the person I’d want to sit down with and have a chat over an ice cold pint. Admittedly throwing beer in the equation may not be the most professional way to cast my ballot, but it’s the most fun. Read more

NDP leadership candidate visits Grand Forks

Karl Yu, Grand Forks Gazette   

On Friday, B.C. NDP leadership candidate John Horgan (MLA for Juan de Fuca) was at the Omega Restaurant in Grand Forks to meet and talk to residents.

He says that inclusion in the Columbia Basin Trust is one of the things that concern locals.

“One of the issues that’s brought me to Grand Forks is to talk about expanding the Columbia Basin Trust (CBT), to include the Boundary country,” he explains. Read more

Coons throws support behind Horgan for NDP leader

Chris Armstrong, Muskeg Press   

The cross-province tour of the NDP debates began earlier this week, and the Member of the Legislative Assembly for the North Coast has made up his mind about who he’ll be supporting for the party leadership.

Yesterday, Gary Coons announced he supports John Horgan, the MLA for Juan de Fuca, for the leadership contest, which will be decided on April 17. (Coons & Horgan are pictured in a submitted photo above.) He made the announcement in a joint press release with Skeena MLA Robin Austin. Read more

Austin hoping Horgan will be NDP's hero

Terrace Standard, Austin hoping Horgan will be NDP's hero   

Skeena MLA Robin Austin has decided who he’ll be backing in the NDP leadership race.

“I’m very happy to endorse John Horgan for leader of the NDP,” he said, adding that there’s two main reasons he chose him over the two other main candidates, Mike Farnworth and Adrian Dix.

“I believe that of the three candidates, he has the best ability to alternate vision to the current Liberal government,” Austin said of Horgan, an MLA representing Juan de Fuca in the suburbs west of Victoria. Read more

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